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Pigeonday in Hjorring "Denemarken".


It is now to be a tradition that the first Saturday in December in Hjorring is kept a lange pigeon day,with in the morning lectures from a known fanciers,in the noon a good old Danish Christmas dinner with what belong,on afternoon there have a pigeon-auction with a 20-30 pigeon.It's a concept that works,after is attracting 80-100 pigeon-fanciers from North-Jutland.Again this year now for the third times consecutive i Was invited to Hjorring,now with my good friend Daniel  Van Ceulebroeck.It was a really good day,I think the best in the last three year's.Everyone was in good humour,the Danish Christmas dinner tasted good as always,the price of the pigeon's was between 100 to 600 euro.So here thank's to my pigeon-friend's in North-Jutland;but especially for him who stands for everything Ove Baek 196 Vraa.


Thorkild Kristensen 034  "Mou"  Denemarken


Thorkild is one from the best pigeonsloft with young-birds in Denemarken sektion 54.Have in 2015 also very good result.

Horsens   04-07-2015   1-8-9-10-11  from 97 d

Kolding    11-07-2015   7-10-11-12-14-15-16-17  from 208 d

Vamdrup 18-07-2015   1-2 from 213 d     1-2-  from 1175 d sektion 54

Vamdrup 24-07-2015-  1-2-3-4 from 188 d    1-2-3-4- 1181 d sektion 54

Aabenraa 01-08-2015   2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 from 126 d    2-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 from 712 d sektion 54

Henstedt  01-08-2015   2-4-7 from 64 d    5-11-20 from 417 d sektion 54

Altona      08-08-2015   4-7-9 from 62 d    23-45-56 from 516 d sektion 54

Thorkild's two best young-bird's are in 2015 .034-15-421   1.-1181 d from Vamdrup  2.-1175 d from Vamdrup

  3 times first young-birds are                         034-15-408   1.-97 d from Horsens  7.-208 d from Kolding  23-516 d from Altona

for both are the pedigree :Lars Boje Henriksen and Jan Ronn.


Op visit with Belgian Top-fanciers.


Jens,Ole and Bent op visit with Belgian top-Fanciers: Gaston Van de Wouwer,Rudi de Saer,Gaby vanden Abeele,Georges Carteus,Guido Loockx,Van Camp, Onijn and

Leo Heremans.


Op visit with the best fanciers in Belgie.


Torben,Rasmus,Ove,Frede,Gert,Jesper and Johannes here op visit with the best pigeon-fanciers in Belgie.Herbots,Hok Flor Engels,Theo Weytens,Frederik Leliaert,

Georges Carteus og Karel Boeckx.


Visit Belgian Top-fanciers.


Thorkild,Bent and Claus op visit with: Van Agtmael-Verhellen,Daniel van Ceulebroeck,Dierickx-Visschers,Leo-Gerry Dockx,Van Eynde-Goovaerts,Loft Flor Engels and Staf Ronge.


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